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The Christian Adventure

“Life on the Edge” is what one person called it. Others call it an adventure, a journey, or even a pilgrimage. Following Jesus Christ, being a Christian, is all those phrases, and terms…and more. A dynamic relationship with Jesus is not a boring, stagnant, drudgery routine, but an opportunity to live life with daily anticipation of what God will bring to our lives and the opportunities will be while living a life devoted to Him.

Being a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ is the goal. Sometimes it means choosing the “road less traveled.” It means standing firm against popular culture or philosophic fads. It means choices are more difficult -- as we seek to please our Lord and Master, not just ourselves. Living the Christian life does not mean that life is all rosy and that nothing ever challenges our faith, our responses, and our spirit. Living for Jesus means the daily challenges are more difficult, knowing that we answer to a Higher Authority for our lives. Pleasing God through our lifestyle, being concerned about truth, loving the unlovely, and following the narrow way must become more intentional and perhaps, at times, causing a more difficult choice or response. The non-Christian is more concerned about preserving self, getting ahead of others, and getting instead of giving. Not so for Christians.

Being fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ does mean that we are striving for growth. It means we are attempting to reflect the Savior’s presence in our lives. It means we can have confidence in our eternal destination and comfort through the ever-present Holy Spirit. It means we are leaning into the future, not cowling from the present, nor hindered by the past. The Christian life presents great opportunities for failure, but when we fail, we fail forward. Jesus is there to support us, dust us off, pat us on the back, and says, “Try again! You can do it!”

As we constantly are bombarded with new challenges, conflicting reports, health concerns, and the need to identify real truth, we need to approach each day in a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ to face the future with confidence, comfort, and courage. The pilgrimage of living for Jesus can bring joy, excitement, and new opportunities in an ever-challenging non-Christian world. When you wake up each day, let the adventure continue!

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