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Surprised by Joy!

Mary is pregnant…she hears Elizabeth is too. Mary’s excited for her older relative who has been unable

to conceive. She rushes to Elizabeth’s home to share the good news!

There’s something momentous about this reunion. Mary and Elizabeth will talk about their unexpected “expecting” messages. Miraculous! Obviously abnormal, yet the birth of their babies is coming in the way all babies are born.

Coincidence? No. Happenstance? No way!

Mary shouts as she crosses the threshold of Elizabeth’s home. Instantly the baby inside of Elizabeth–later to be named John–reacts in a non-typical way. The scripture says the baby “leaped” inside of her! John, the forerunner to the Messiah, recognizes the voice of the mother of Jesus. Elizabeth’s baby does jumping-jacks! The Son of God was present! Their first meeting, not face-to-face, was belly to belly.

How did those moments feel to Elizabeth and Mary? One squirming kid in the presence of Deity. Arms moving, legs jumping and feet kicking in unison inside a very small space–expressing great joy! How else could an unborn baby express excitement but to move vigorously?

I wonder how long those moments lasted! I wonder how united in spirit and emotions Elizabeth and Mary felt.

What happens inside you when God’s in your midst? How do you react when the Holy Spirit impacts your mind and emotions? What is your initial response when you know you are in the presence of a King…the Savior?

Whatever you may feel in the presence of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords this Christmas season, let transparency be exuberant, expressing overflowing joy. Let the mystery of Majesty consume your thoughts and experience this Christmas season!

May your prayer be “my soul glorifies the Lord!”

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