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Co-Creating Solutions for Everyday Challenges

Understanding the Past
to Change the Present

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Recovering from Grief & Loss

Debilitating, directionless and confusing -- these grief and loss experiences and emotions occur at all stages of life, whether expected or unexpected.

Management + Practical Tools

Our pressure-cooker culture often produces a multitude of stress points, stirring up unmanaged anger, or inappropriate emotions & actions. Implement tools & techniques for successful change.

Problem-Solving & Enrichment

Blending lives (& families) together produces inevitable & recurring challenges that can product wonderful fulfillment & long-term growth, & joy...if managed well! Learn how with guidance!

Relationship Assessments
+ Growth

Assessing the realities, identifying roadblocks, and exploring opportunities are key components to Prepare-Enrich Assessment to enhance relationship strengths & needed stretches. 

Assessment & 
Premarital Preparation

While similar to the Prepare-Enrich assessment, SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) is applicable to both engaged and married couples. Like Prepare / Enrich, SYMBIS is for first or subsequent marriages.  Wedding PrepAssistance is also available.

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