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Co-Creating Solutions for Everyday Challenges

Choosing Solutions for

Better Business/Ministry

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Church Health 
Tool for 
Ministry Growth

A healthy church is growing church. Based on research by Stephen A. Macchia, CHAT provides key principles via a broad-based church survey to gain insight & direction fo the future. Move forward through CHAT & guided discussion for spiritual, relational and numerical growth.

& Consulting

People decide within the first 7 minutes to return...or not. Strategically initiate welcoming opportunities & follow-up strategies via quality first and lasting impressions to produce positive and lasting results.

Facilitating B.R.I.E.F. Prayers
in Life, Business & Ministry

The Prayer-Powered Mastermind process walks entrepreneurs, business leaders, & ministry leaders through a journey with God as your CEO. The Prayer-Powered Leader flips the typical
approach of frantic activity, hurry & worry to a calm and trusting walk with the Almighty.  

Church Coffee-Cafe / Service, 
Design, Training & Operations

With over 15 years of successful growth and development, Glen's experience in a Church Coffee House/Cafe will help you create enjoyable and pleasant experiences
for your guests and attendees to help them feel "at home" in your environment.

& Consulting

No cookie-cutter approach sets the stage for growth, but being faithful & doing what we
CAN do for God's kingdom -- while trusting God for the results -- is the key for church growth. Connected with Church Growth, Inc., Glen's 38 years of ministry experience will help you assess, create, and implement a comprehensive plan for spiritual and numerical growth.

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